How To Cut A 22.5-Degree Angle?

How To Cut A 22.5-Degree Angle?

Are you installing a baseboard or molding in your house? Then, you might want to know how to make 22.5-degree angles, because it’s common for a wall to turn at 45 degrees.

To make the right connection between the two joints at a corner, you need to cut the woods at an angle of 22.5 degrees. To get effective results, you can use a mitre box or mitre by following the given steps.

Using A Mitre Box

Step 1: Choose the wooden piece and mark it along the cutting line. Place the piece inside a mitre box and align it with the 22.5-degree angle. You will find the 22.5-degree slot to the left and right of its 90-degree bracket.

Step 2: You will see a couple of clamps inside the mitre box. Tighten them and make sure that the baseboard is secure. Follow the instruction manual to use the clamps.

Step 3: Now you have to use a hand saw and cut the baseboard along the mark of 22.5 degrees. So, insert the saw and cut the wooden piece with even strokes.

Using A Mitre Saw

Using a miter saw

Make sure you have the safety gear before you operate a mitre saw. Wear safety glass, hearing protection and do not wear loose clothing or jewelry while using the power tool.

Step 1: Measure a baseboard and use a pencil to mark the cutting location.

Step 2: Pull the lever of your miter saw and rotate it left or right to adjust the blades at an angle of 22.5 degrees. If you face any difficulty as a first time user, follow the instructions manual.

Step 3: Place the cutting material on the saw table and secure it against the fence. Use the clamps to make the wooden piece stable.

Step 4: Lower down the blade to check its properly aligned according to the cutting line. Once you see everything is fine, then power on the saw. Pull its trigger, lower down the blade and cut the material. Leave the trigger once the cut is complete. Move the blade to its original position once it stops spinning.


We hope you have a better idea about how to cut a 22.5-degree angle using a mitre saw or mitre box. Try the steps with your power tool and practice with other angles to be an expert.