Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule

Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule

If you’ve used your hard-earned cash to buy a lawnmower it is only right that you give the mower the maintenance, it deserves. Manufacturers of these machines always advise users to keep their mowers maintained.

They recommend that owners follow the mower maintenance schedule. This way, the lawn tool will last for long. Here is a general maintenance plan for mowers. Refer to your manual for a more specific or detailed schedule.

Every 5 Hours of Operation Routine

  • Apply new engine oil.

Before Every Use Routine

  • Examine the blades of your mower for signs of damage or wear
  • Clean the beneath area of the mower

After Every 25 Hours of Use Routine

  • Inspect the fasteners of the engine and blades. Make sure to harden them if they are loose.

Every 50 Hours of Use Routine

  • Make sure that the blade of your mower stops after at most 3 seconds of activating the blade control bar.
  • Apply oil to the wheels.
  • The spark plug should be cleaned or replaced
  • Clean the mower’s air filter, especially when everywhere is dusty.
  • Change the engine oil,
  • Examine the fuel system for leaks and check whether the fuel hose is depreciating.
  • Change or sharpen the mower’s blades. You can have them sharpened for you if you don’t know how to.

Do These After Every 100 Hours of Operation

  • Clean the cooling system. You can check your manual if you don’t know how to.
  • Go through the owner’s manual to see further maintenance procedures.

Finally, if you have done all the things properly but still your lawn mower isn’t performing the way you desire. Either you can send it to a repair shop or buy a new one.

Decide what type of lawn mower you need, what your lawn size is. If you are an armature gardener having a small yard. A lawn mower that is suitable for small yard will be more than enough. Here you can find some of the best small lawn mowers in UK (a helpful guide on choosing the best one). For big size lawn a petrol or a ride on lawn mower can be suggested.

That’s all about how you can maintain your lawn the proper way. If you have any question regarding the maintenance of your mower feel free to ask.

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