Treadmill Running Tips For Beginners

Treadmill Running Tips For Beginners

Treadmill workouts are highly beneficial to get physical fitness as well as cardio exercise. To get the best workout you need to avoid common mistakes.

These mistakes lead you serious pain and strain. To overcome these mistakes below tips are pretty helpful for running smoothly and faster and to burn calories effectively.

I hope you will enjoy your workout on a treadmill by applying these tricks.


It is more appealing to just jump onto a treadmill and start your workout. But don’t do this. Before getting onto a treadmill you need to warm up yourself.

It helps you to lose your muscles and flexible your bone joint. It also helps you to increase your heart rate, sends oxygen to your muscles, and raises their temperature so they’ll be more efficient. Five minutes’ warm-up is enough in this case.

If you need more information how to do warm-up an exercise like 5 to 10 minutes then, You can check the treadmill buying guide on before you buy any treadmill.

Learn your treadmill:

Introduce yourself with the treadmill, you are going to use. You have to know how to adjust the belt speed and how to use safety switch, emergency stop switch. These are the basic part. Also, learn the other functions too.

If you are using a treadmill at the gym, ask a trainer for help. Since it is not always understandable at a glance. Many treadmills have:

A heart-rate monitor which may help you estimating the intensity of your workout.

A calorie burn calculator that shows you what you’re getting from your run—but remember, these readings aren’t very accurate.

Pre-set workouts or intervals to help you but can be handy because they allow you to just set and forget. So try to adjust them manually.

Speed display showing how fast you’re going and usually in miles per hour.

Don’t step on or off while the Treadmill is moving:

Don’t step onto a treadmill while the belt is moving at full speed. At first place your foot on each side of the belt of the treadmill. Then attach the safety stop cord onto your body for safety purpose.

It will stop the treadmill if you stumble. Identify the emergency stop switch and use to hit the switch in case of any emergency while running on a treadmill. Start at a slow rate of speed and carefully get onto the moving belt.

Then you can gradually increase belt speed as you like to. If you need to get down, reduce the speed and lower the incline. Then step off very carefully. Otherwise, this can lead you to a serious injury.

Don’t grip the Handrail for long:

You can take support by using a handrail or console to get onto a treadmill and start your initial walking or running. But don’t hold them longer because this is not a natural process.

Again you can’t able to get arm motion as well as good walking or running posture. You may face a couple of problems with holding on to the rails. First, it forces you to hunch over, an inefficient running form are the cause of neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Take your hands off the handrail, even if you become slower for a few sessions at the beginning. But you will get better work out than moving faster by holding the handrail.

Use Incline slightly:

You can set incline between 1 percent and 2 percent because a gentle uphill simulates a better outdoor running. But don’t do this at the very starting moment with the treadmill.

Set your treadmills to incline to zero until you build up your fitness and increase your comfort level. Becoming comfortable don’t Keep the incline at zero.

Actually it looks like running on a slight downhill referring too much easy! This means you are probably not working harder. It is not necessary to do every time.

You can do interval training, where you run hard for a period of time and then cool down for another interval, which is a good way to push the swiftness. You should never do this consecutively two days in a row.

Don’t make It too Steep:

You can face too much strain on your back, hips, and ankles by setting the incline too much vertical like more than seven percent.

Anything over 2% is directly comparable to hill running. This is never going to be a good idea and could lead to injuries. You can mix up some incline with flat running.

To get a better and safer workout, you can rotate between running a few minutes with an incline and a few minutes without. The uphill segments fabricate muscle, and the flatter ones build stamina.

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Don’t lean forward & backward

The proper walking position is upright, not leaning forward or backward. Somebody tries to run faster by leaning forward. But don’t try to do this. It is not only harmful but also dangerous too.

During running on a treadmill, it pulls your feet backward. If you lean forward too much, you may end up with neck and back pain or even you could lose your balance.

Don’t Look Down:

During workout on a treadmill you need to keep your head up and eyes straight. Don’t try to look down. If you do so, your running will be uneven which could lead to back and neck pain.

You can look at the console to see how much time or distance you have left for the workout.

Be concentrated to Your step:

Try to run on a treadmill as same as you do outdoor running. It actually means your natural running; avoid taking short and uneven steps. Slow down your pace until you are in short of using a proper form of running.

Another common mistake is over stepping, or landing heel first. Since the treadmill’s belt is moving you forward, over stepping creates a braking force with the belt. To avoid this, try to keep your feet under your body, not ahead or behind it.

Upgrade your step count:

The modern treadmill features a step counter by which you can determine your steps. It actually helps you to count how often one foot hits the belt in a minute. You can multiply that number to improve your running.

The more steps you take per minute, the more competently you will run. To get better running on a treadmill focus on taking shorter, quicker steps and keeping your feet close to the belt. This will even improve your outdoor running.

Listen to Music:

Listening to music would be great fun for you during a workout on a treadmill. It helps you to combat tediousness and run longer. Choose your own favorite playlist; it will help to prevent you from frequently checking the clock to see how much more you have to go.

You can choose to watch TV or movies on a screen during the workout. You need to be alert to your form, especially your neck and head. Don’t crane your neck or don’t bend over or lean forward to get a good view either. It can cause serious injury. If the screen on the treadmill doesn’t fit for you, skip this option.

Visualize a way or route:

By visualizing an out door route during a workout on a treadmill is a great idea or trick to overcome the boringness of continuous workout. It helps you to imagine yourself running along and imagine the buildings and other landmarks you would pass along the way.

Change your running speed too according to your visual route. Because when you’re running outside, your running speed is not the same in every location. So, to mimic outdoor running conditions, change your speed throughout the run. It will be fun too.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself:

While running on a treadmill you should drink at least 4 to 6 ounces every 20 minutes. Because you may lose more water during the workout on a treadmill instead of running outside, as there is little air resistance to help to keep you cool outside.

Cool down:

You may feel distracted or like you are still volatile immediately after completing your treadmill workout. This is because you didn’t cool down at the end of your run.

This could lead you to light-headedness because your heart rate and blood pressure drop rapidly. Take light exercise to cool down your body slowly allows them to fall gradually.