International Marce Society Scientific Conference 2016

Welcome to the International Marcé Society
Biennial Scientific Conference 2016!

“Join us down under to discover why there’s nothing like Australia!”

The Conference Program for the International Marcé Conference, September 26-28, 2016 is now online!. Also, published are the pre and post conference workshops (September 25 and 29).

The conference program is bursting with rich offerings from researchers, clinicians, consumer groups and policy makers. It is a tribute to the wonderful work that our members are doing and I look forward to joining you all as a global perinatal mental health community. So do come and network at our lovely conference hotel and build the new ‘Frontiers in Perinatal Mental Health’. In addition to distinguished plenary and invited speakers there are symposia, rapid communications, posters and workshops all designed to assist us in our mission to improve the emotional well-being of mothers, fathers and babies. More details to come about other events.

I look forward to a vibrant and exciting time together where we will share ideas, knowledge, and meet with old friends as well as make new ones. Once again, I warmly welcome you to Australia and to Melbourne, my hometown, which has many attractions to suit everyone.

Professor Jeannette Milgrom
Conference Chair, International Marcé Society Biennial Scientific Conference 2016